Exclusive Agency Agreement Exclusive Agency Agreement
Créé le : 10 décembre 2017 par PERNELLE IP - Cabinet de Conseil en Propriété Industrielle
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1- Definitions
2- Grant of Right
3- Trademarks
4- Agent’s Obligations
5- Company’s Obligations
6- Quotes and Purchase
7- Commissions and Expenses
8- Non-Competition
9- Confidentiality
10- Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
11- Term and Termination
12- Force Majeure
13- Limitation of Liability
14- Independent Contractors
15- Non-Publicity
16- Assignment
17- Injunctive Relief
18- Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
19- General
20- Survival of Provisions

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Fondements Juridiques


This Agency Agreement can be used to set out the terms upon which a principal engages an agent to act on its behalf on an exclusive basis. As an exclusive agent, the principal cannot appoint anyone else either generally or for the specific territory, time or purpose started in the agency agreement.
This document has been written by a jurist specialized in intellectual property.

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